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Frequently Asked Questions?



What do I have to do?

The first thing is to decide if your customers want any form of online store? It's not about you, it's about them.

If the answer is yes, the next step is to follow this link, http://www.easyserve.com.au/provider/register.phpstore email Bill@talentteam.com.au, or call Bill on 0408 741 795. The process is you then supply your stock information and I load it onto your store.

When your store is ready, I let you know, and supply you with a link to your website. When you give the go ahead we flick a switch and your store goes live.

In the initial stages you will need to invest a few hours supplying your stock information and photos. The better the photo the more likely a sale.

How does the process work?

·Your customers order and pay for their goods online

·You receive a notification via email that an order has been made

  • The email will include:
    • Name of the item bought
    • Volume of the item bought
    • Value of each item bought
    • Total order value
    • Customer name
    • Customer email
    • Customer telephone number
    • Expected order pick up time
  • Your staff carefully prepare the order and have it ready for customer pick up at the allotted time
  • You receive payment, less commission, and reconciliation statement within 5 working days

How long do I sign up for?

There is no minimum duration, or commitment of any sort. You can opt out any time you like. Like anything new, the longer you commit, the better the outcome.

What happens if I need to change a price, or alter stock in any way?

You simply email EasyServe and we upload your changes by close of business next day. if you are interested you can easily make any changes to your website you require.  We will show you how.

How many products can I upload?

There is no limit to the number of products you can have on your store.

Do I need a Webhost?

No. EasyServe includes secure, unlimited ecommerce hosting

Are there any additional costs?

You will never be asked for additional costs. Your shop front is infinitely changeable. if you desire any template changes there are additional fees.