Welcome to EasyServe,

The online shopping cart solution for people wanting help in having their own online presence.

Do you know if any of your customers are interested in shopping online and collecting at a time that suits them best?

In the age Covid 19, of "Go Fresh", Uber Eats, and Home delivery it is important you take the steps required to meet the demands of an ever fussier clientele.

Most small business owners do not have an online presence because they haven't the time or the know how.

I will set up an online store for you, FREE OF CHARGE in return for a small % of turnover.

I will

  • create your store
  • Upload your stock into the store
  • Manage all aspects of your store’s online presence
  • Generate weekly weekly newsletter offering specials and latest news

The Fee:

EasyServe wants your online store to be a success.  We will do what we can to help you be a success.  In return for setting up your store we ask for 15% of turnover.

That fee includes

• All credit card processing fees

• Bank fees, and

• Website hosting fees

There is no risk to you.

If no customers take it up, then it has cost you nothing. If just one customer uses it, you have provided a service previously not offered.  When it is a hit, everyone wins.

You are automatically paid three business days after the day a customer places an order on your store. Funds from orders placed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are grouped and sent together as one payment.

"Customer pick up" means people are still coming into your store. You are able to reinforce your excellent customer service when their order is ready and waiting at the allotted pick up time. It is an opportunity to engage your customer.

There are no staff standing while the customer ponders his/her choice, looks for the right credit card, etc.

Having an online store is not a threat to your bricks and mortar presence, it is an extension that greatly expands your marketing opportunities, while doubling your points of sale.

If you would like to know more please contact me via email Bill@talentteam.com.au or telephone: 0408 741 795



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